The recipients resource handles listing and deletion of a recipient.

Get recipient activity

Get recipient details, history and contactlists appartenance.


GET /recipient/{EMAIL}


    "info": {
        "email": "",
        "first_seen": "2018-04-13 17:45:16",
        "last_activity": "2018-04-13 17:45:16"
    "contactlists": [
            "name": "Sample contactlist",
            "adate": "2018-04-13 17:45:16",
            "status": "subscribed"
    "history": [],
    "total": 0,
    "stats": {
        "delivered": 0,
        "opened": 0,
        "clicked": 0

Delete recipient activity

Delete a specific recipient and all it’s activity . Once deleted, it will be removed from all the lists, customfield data will be purged and stats will be anonymized.
The deletion process is asynchronous so the recipient won’t be deleted right away.
If you want to be notified right after a recipient has been deleted, you can enable the ‘Recipient delete’ webhook and we’ll send a POST request to the provided URL with the ‘recipient_delete’ event and the deleted email address.
Click here for more details about how to use webhooks.


DELETE /recipient/{EMAIL}


    "status": "recipient_delete_pending"