Smtp Mime Headers


We use this Mime header when we want send an email campaign, and we want to have campaign statistics.

When we send the first campaign email we will automatically create a campaign, whose statistic can be viewed here.


X-SM-Campaign: My first newsletter


This Mime header is almost the same as the X-SM-Campaign, the only difference is that we route these email on transactional ips.


X-SM-Tag: User registration


With this Mime header can be overrule the email tracking options defined in the My acount page.

This Mime header can be one of these values:

  • none

    disable open and click tracking (rewrites acount open/click setting)

  • all

    enable the open and click tracking (rewrites acount open/click setting)

  • open

    enable the open tracking (rewrites acount open setting)

  • click

    enable the click tracking (rewrites acount click setting)